• Albert Einstein
    "We cannot solve our problems
    with the same thinking we used
    when we created them"
  • Thomas Edison
    "There's a way to do it better...
    Find it!"
    "Knowing is not enough; we must apply."
    Being willing is not enough; we must do."
  • Time Efficiency
    Creating systems in half the time
    It would normally take
    Realize Cost Saving...
    Time for Enjoyment


We love seeing problems solved. We use our experience in the complete product lifecycle and Ab Initio as tools to quickly provide you with working mechanisms of your needs.
Using the Ab Initio platform we rapidly build backend solution for batch and realtime processing. The ability to integrate with your existing systems and process and key for a successful endeavor. Ab Initio provides us with rich integration suite with the ability to hook to virtually anything in your arena.
With agile development practices and working with our client's business and IT professionals, we rapidly develop your solution. Keeping the complete solution lifecycle in mind, we build mechanism that could be self sufficient and easily maintained. Through the process, we train your professional team to continue work and develop the solution.
We are working closely with Ab Initio internal support and development to ensure optimal use of the platform. This helps providing our clients with higher quality and performance faster than otherwise possible.

Acrisel software development, services & support grew out of market need for rapid introduction of new concepts. All of us at Acrisel were working in the IT business where we were introduced to Ab Initio. As architect of large volume solution, we immediately captured the value it brings to our finger tips. It allowed us, a small team, to quickly provide our customer with high performance solutions. So we decided to spin off from our day jobs and bring this capability to all.

We believe that small is bigger. That is, a small team can achieve great things faster than larger teams. Specifically if the team is built on experienced professionals given the right tools. Acrisel is built on professionals that are black belts in IT solution architecture and development. Using Ab Initio makes it easy to translate our clients thoughts into working mechanisms.

Faster time to market for new business processes or resolution for business pains is our clients prime advantages. Ability to maintain the solution and grow it themselves is another advantage our clients enjoy. We help our clients deliver the first few phases of their solution, train their people to continue maintain and develop the solution, and we move on. After all, there is always a problem waiting to be resolved.

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