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Ab Initio development by American Abinitio expert developers. We specialize in the development of inovative Ab Initio solutions in the USA.

Solution Specific Languages (SSL) - Ab Initio Architect

By Arnon Sela


Change is an integral part of an agile development paradigm.  Without the ability to quickly adapt to changing requirements, short cycles of development become either very limited or unrealistic all together. 

Small or Large Teams

Ab-Initio-professional-USAWhich is really better: a small or a large group of experts? The phrase “too many cooks in the kitchen” comes to mind. A large group of experts will, certainly, offer many diverse opinions on how to solve a problem, but is that truly what is good for a forward-moving business? Is quantity better than quality?

IT Solutions Development - The Importance of Face Time

Dallas Texas Ab Initio Developers Abinitio expertsIt seems business is becoming less and less personal. Consultant teams made up of people from across the country (or world) often meet infrequently and almost never in person. They are often large and too out of touch to work efficiently and effectively.

80/20 with Solution Specific Language - AbInitio Developer

Isn’t it always the case that scope, quality, and time are in competition?  So what do we do?  We reduce the scope so that it will fit in the time we have to deliver with minimum quality we can get away with.  The 80/20 rule helps us in reducing the scope; it defines what the most important feature in the solution is.  That is, if we are lucky in having a say in the matter.