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Abinitio-IT-Solutions-DallasTXAb Initio’s clients come from various fields: government agencies, health, financial, advertisers, telecom, and more. All these clients have one thing in common: data, a lot of data. Data processing is a challenge met by all businesses. However, Ab Initio has many applications, and these applications can be adapted into various solutions.  Although two clients may have the same basic problem, the beauty of the problem (and much of the stress) lies in the details.

Take for example healthcare companies. Consider Company A and Company B, both in the same changing field of healthcare, and both with a massive amount of data in need of some sort of advanced technological solution. 

Company A was looking for a way to deal with managing its millions of healthcare members with logical, swift, and efficient IT solutions. They are now able to do so with Ab Initio. Ab Initio solutions were created to help develop a framework of rules to accurately categorize members (which could include an individual or an entire family).

Now we shift to Company B. Company B wanted to update and replace its ICD (International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems) codes - standard codes in the industry that end up being used for many purposes. What makes this problem uniquely difficult, though, is that there are 1,000 of the old codes and 50,000 of the new. Even so, Ab Initio’s various products, tailored to dealing with metadata problems, helped to survey and identify any elements containing the old ICD codes or relevant to the old ICD codes, and these were all simultaneously converted into the new codes via a set of complex rules. To specify, categories of healthy, not healthy, etc. and within these categories these members are flagged for various actions. This helps Company B better understand its customers, and other Ab Initio products gave Company B the ability to quickly reassess rules and interpret the outputted data. 

Ab Initio, then, is no stranger to the complex and varied obstacles that businesses can face in data management. That is why we at Acrisel support their products and solutions. We help develop these advanced technological solutions and implement them effectively and in a streamlined manner. You could say we are the experts on the experts.