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Abinitio consultant TexasAs the old expression goes: time is money; when an IT system is outdated and needs to be replaced, no functioning business has time to wait for a vendor to take its time in working out a solution. Projects get complicated; an avoidable truth that often leads to stagnation, but with the right team, and the right software, an advanced technological solution can be swiftly and efficiently put in place.

There are numerous factors that contribute to fast development time of a solution, but chief among them are a competent team of experts, and flexible, robust, and adaptive software to fulfill the end business solution. This is the way in which Acrisel chooses to operate: a small, experienced team utilizing software capable of providing the most efficient solutions.

Acrisel consists of Ab Initio expert consultants. We work in small, targeted teams assembled to work with the client in a way as conducive as possible to producing an IT solution that works in exactly the way our clients need. Ab Initio’s software is ideal for a number of data solutions, capable of processing, storage, and analysis. Data is separated into groups and processed in parallel with Ab Initio, which of course leads to faster and more efficient analysis. 

When this kind of powerful software is combined with its experts at Acrisel, the solution itself is not only swift, but the same is true for its implementation. Fast development time of solutions is a key aspect of how Acrisel works, striving to deliver results faster than ever previously expected. By working closely with our customers when building their solutions, we ensure that the solution is done right the first time, and that our customers end up as comfortable with their new system as we are. We are able to do this, because we utilize small groups of true experts, professionals who know Ab Initio’s software inside and out.

The Acrisel philosophy is simple: agility+knowledge=strength, each of these components stemming from the others. We are agile due to our extensive knowledge. We are knowledgeable because we have the tools to work swiftly and effectively. Our final solutions are strong, robust, and flexible. Fast, intelligent, and powerful. Quite a way to operate, don’t you think?

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