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Small or Large Teams - Ab Initio Architect / Dallas, TX

Which is really better: a small or a large group of experts? The phrase “too many cooks in the kitchen” comes to mind. A large group of experts will, certainly, offer many diverse opinions on how to solve a problem, but is that truly what is good for a forward-moving business? Is quantity better than quality?

In my experience the answer to these questions is no. For efficient, streamlined, and most importantly, fast IT solutions to take place, a small group of skilled professionals is easier to communicate with, more focused, and more ready and able to deliver results. Communication is not only integral but also the driving force of moving forward. 20 experts can have 20 opinions that either need to be synthesized into one thought and be brought to the client, or, more, commonly, all 20 of those opinions come to the client separately, and it is now their job to sift through them.

Ab Initio Architect - Design Highly Efficient Ab Initio Solutions

Compare this to a small, core group of experts: better communication and more availability to the client lead to faster results and quicker progress. Keep in mind our motto: Agility+Knowledge=Strength. A smaller group is more nimble and agile, more able to navigate, predict and respond to the changing needs of its clients. A smaller group is also obviously more cost effective; less people to pay, less cost to the client. The use of a small, but highly experienced group of architects and analysts to implement solutions, then, saves money as well.

Provide Leadership to the Application Development Team to Deliver Best Ab Initio Solutions

The Ab Initio computing environment has a built-in functionality that allows faster development time of large systems with much smaller teams. These smaller teams, as long as they are indeed experts, offer faster, easier, and more profitable delivery. Acrisel, by definition sticks to these small professional teams to work with the client to implement our solutions.

I believe such teams are key to a project’s success, where do you stand?

  • *ETL/Data integration consultant using Ab Initio enterprise tool.

  • *Ab Initio handles large volumes and variations of data, analyze, investigate and provide insight. 

  • *Ab Initio architect and design highly efficient Ab Initio solutions​​​​​​​


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