Acrisel's Philosophy

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Our Motto is: "Agility + Knowledge = Strength."  

Agility is the ability to quickly adapt to changing environments, move faster than the changes, thereby staying ahead of them.

Knowledge pertains to what people know and understand from their experiences, and also to their desire to acquire more information, grow and learn.  Knowledge also includes the ability to turn acquired abstract knowledge into the practical realm. 

Strength encompasses power, aptitude, and skill. Strength means using full capacity and power to build and lead; such as, the ability to lead your business to the top of its market, and like our aptitude for creating superior solutions.

Our Name is: "Acrisel"

Acris is a type of frog. This frog grows to a size of about 1 inch long and can leap as far as 3 feet in distance. When you compare this feat with the size of a human who is 5’9”, he/she would have to jump a distance of over 200 feet (60 meters). Imagine a runner finishing an Olympic 110 meter hurdle run with only two jumps and without running. 

Acrisel is like the frog Acris. The Acris is small and strong, and can jump an unbelievable distance for its size. In correlation, we use small and extremely skilled (strong) teams of professionals to create highly advanced solutions quicker than ever believed to be possible.

Most importantly, at Acrisel we enjoy the challenges of solving problems, and are proud of our accomplishments. Our love and care of the solutions we build yield true quality products and extremely satisfied customers.

Our beliefs in developing IT solutions:

Less is more - a small team with the right expertise is much more powerful than a large team.
Quick iterations
Communication with users
On time quality delivery

What’s in it for your IT solution?

Faster time to market
Quality solution
High performance processing
Self and minimal support and maintenance