Ab Initio Solutions

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Our solutions, including Ab Initio software, complement our services. We create IT business solutions faster than otherwise possible. Each solution is independent, and therefore, can be installed and used separately.

Ab Initio Solutions

IT software solutions development USA Abinitio software solutionsOur production follows Acrisel’s philosophy. We strive for lightweight but sophisticated components that could be easily integrated in building up a large IT system.

We also believe that information technology solutions should evolve over time with new features and new solutions as clients’ needs are realized.

We always work on expanding our solutions set for further simplification of the process of building large and complicated systems.

Ab Initio Solutions List

  • Workflow for Ab Initio software systems: process orchestration engine
  • Business cross reference: translation server for cross-systems message

Workflow For Ab Initio Systems

Enables fast construction of multi-step transaction processing across multiple systems.

  • Programmed with Excel
  • Complex multi-step orchestration
  • Allows fault tolerance
  • Replays failed transactions
  • Interface technology agnostic
  • Persistent data store (optional)
  • Stores cross reference data (optional)
  • Logs every step
  Common Uses
  • Mergers and acquisitions - corporate integration
  • Renewal of systems - old and new side by side

Business Cross Reference

Enables translation of objects transmitted from one system to another.

  • An operational system to Ab Initio’s EMMS
  • Enables multiple systems to translate messages when sending to other systems
  • Multiple interfaces for different clients – JMS, WEB, RPC
  • Scalable throughput
  Common Uses
  • Master data management
  • Translator service for organizational message bus (e.g., Tibco)