IT Solutions Development - The Importance of Face Time

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Dallas Texas Ab Initio Developers Abinitio expertsIt seems business is becoming less and less personal. Consultant teams made up of people from across the country (or world) often meet infrequently and almost never in person. They are often large and too out of touch to work efficiently and effectively. Communication in these teams takes time, the kind of time that clients simply do not have. How, then, can such teams keep pace with the rapidly changing data needs of the companies that hire them? The answer is: they don’t. Their projects become expensive, unpredictable, and lengthy, at the expense of their clients. However, there is one very simple thing that is overlooked by such companies: face time.

Spending time face to face with clients is key to a project’s success. This is something that Acrisel, through the utilization of small teams of experts, places a special emphasis on - IT Solutions Development Consultant Dallas, Texas Acrisel

Face time is crucial to a healthily functioning collaboration. Personally involving our clients in the project means they will be more familiar with their new system, making it easier for them to maintain and further develop the product. By building the solution together with us, the client sees how it evolves, and can add feedback more readily and swiftly. This leads to better, smarter, cheaper and more personalized solutions, all because Acrisel teams are there, face to face with our clients.

Acrisel’s philosophy emphasizes the importance of small focused teams that cater directly to the needs of their clients, involving them in every step of their tailor-made solution. Personal collaboration is paramount in the success of any project, and especially so when dealing with the complex IT solutions in which Acrisel specializes. For us, face to face interaction with our clients is common practice and common sense, making our skilled professionals better prepared to tackle the most complex data management and IT problems in the most efficient way possible.