IT System Service Teams

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Who is in our IT system service teams?  

We use a small team that is strengthened by having a practical business analyst and a practical software architect lead their project. By practical we mean that the person actively participates in the production. A practical analyst creates requirements, test cases, test data, and guides for the system. A practical architect designs solutions, codes, tests, and deploys. In short, our small team of experts cuts communication barriers and increases productivity.

So, how do we prefer to tackle problems?

IT system service Abinitio DFW Texas

  • Use a small, but highly experienced team of practical architects and analysts;
  • Combine client and Acrisel professionals;
  • Evolve the solution in small phased specifications (4 – 8 weeks each); and
  • Check and balance with end user and support team

We have two approaches to service. One, and preferred, is of a turn-key custom solution embedding Ab Initio as OEM. The other is an on-site joint solution production team.

Turn-Key IT Solution

You have a problem that needs to be swiftly addressed. The problem involves back-end data processing, integration of multiple data sources, and maybe real-time services to a transactional system. With our expertise we:

  • Join forces with your business analysts in defining a solution with a phased roadmap for resolution;
  • Work together with your team’s active involvement which is critical to the success of the solution – you know best what it is that you need;
  • Formulate requirements for the first phase, and then design, and implement them;
  • Design the solution with configuration controls by using domain specific language;
  • Incorporate feedback from test and user review into enhancements to coming phases;
  • Focus on maximizing automation in one of the final phases;
  • Install the solution as turn-key with our continuous support in development; and
  • Train your personnel in maintaining and operating the solution

On-Site IT Solution

  • Similar to steps in Turn-Key IT solution
  • Different in that the solution is supported by your team

Overall, our services support and enhance the superior solutions that we create for any business need.