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We are the leaders in building high quality, customized information technology solutions for large and complex projects quicker than ever believed possible.

How we accomplish this:

  • A small team of IT development experts to manage, define, and build sophisticated IT systems solutions;
  • An advanced computing environment: and
  • Working closely with our clients.


Outdated and expensive method - Not the Acrisel way:

To use conventional tools which require more time and people to build and support. The result is:

  • Separate project teams to tackle separate parts of a system that need later to be combined to a cohesive operating solution; 
  • Decreased communications between personnel and their clients, because of the disparity of the project and the distance between the teams; and
  • Difficulties introducing changes due to lack of communication that thereby impacts any changes’ test and deployment.


Acrisel way - Swift, Advanced, and Profitable -

We accomplish this by:

  • Using Ab Initio, an advanced computing environment, that integrates large libraries, and has a built-in functionality that allows faster development time of large systems with much smaller teams;
  • Providing smaller teams of highly practiced, skilled and innovative IT professionals;
  • Creating automated program generators based on business specifications that make the end system;
  • Building a system that can quickly adapt to changing requirements without compromising performance and utilization of resources;
  • Collaborating with our customers in the building of the solution which allows them to view the solution as it is evolving and provide earlier feedback, yielding an enhanced, superior result; and
  • Educating our customers to enhance, support and maintain the life-cycle of the solution.

Our overall experience and successes are evident with the various well-established, highly satisfied companies, including Ab Initio, AT&T, Express Scripts and Pepsi, our team has worked with under this model: building advanced technological solutions swiftly using small teams of highly skilled professionals.


Who are our present and future clients?

They are companies who desire to leap into today’s new paradigm of Profitability, Time-Efficiency, and Advanced Technological Solutions.


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