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Recently I helped a group of astrophysicists convert a set of IDL programs to Python. This set was to classify stars by analyzing ROTSE-I and ROTSE-III data. In this insert I would share the experience of moving IDL code to python. The insert is only attempt to cover interesting aspects that we encountered. At the same time, it serves as an encouragement to perform such migration. Python is a powerful tool. As a software architect I recognize the readability of Python programs, the vast libraries that one can tap on, and the large community that continues enrich its capabilities (scientific, WEB, network, you name it, its there).

In fact, Python is being used for Data Analytics and Machine Learning; just google it around you will see many courses in the realm. So basically, with scipy, numpy, pandas, matplotlib, and more, one can accomplish everything done with IDL and more.

Read more in our github blog.

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