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IT Solutions Development

Ab Initio Advanced Technological Solutions

Abinitio-IT-Solutions-DallasTXAb Initio’s clients come from various fields: government agencies, health, financial, advertisers, telecom, and more. All these clients have one thing in common: data, a lot of data. Data processing is a challenge met by all businesses.

Ab-Initio big data solutions

Trusted Ab Initio Solutioneers since 2008 in Dallas Texas. Ab Initio specialist used Ab-Initio big data solution for a Dallas TX client. Acrisel's Ab Initio specialist uses "•Mind to define and design •Hands to build and run." Undisclosed Ab Initio client


Acrisel's Philosophy

IT solutions development DFW TX Ab Initio architects

Our Motto is: "Agility + Knowledge = Strength."  

Agility is the ability to quickly adapt to changing environments, move faster than the changes, thereby staying ahead of them.

IT System Service Teams

Who is in our IT system service teams?  

Ab Initio Expert

Project Type: IT architect, Ab Initio Expert
Client: Major US companies
Keywords: Ab Initio consultant, USA, Dallas, Texas, Ab Initio expert, IT solutions architect

Arnon Sela: "Following my experience of developing in a wide range of programming languages and paradigms, the most successful projects are those where the solution bridges between the business language and the technical deployment. In the longer term, it eases maintenance and support."

Arnon Sela has more than 20 years of information technology experience in a wide range of competencies – from programming through management. Arnon with his technology engineering degree was involved in many large and small development projects that joined hundreds of personnel around the world. Recently, Arnon is focusing on improving IT shops with the use of the Ab Initio computing environment. Arnon realized that use of such an environment is more powerful than the traditional methods of IT.


Software Engineer & System Development Future

Project Type: Big data information technology solutions
Client: Pepsico
Keywords: Big data, system development, IT solutions, Dallas Texas

Change is an integral part of an agile development paradigm. Without the ability to quickly adapt to changing requirements, short cycles of development become either very limited or unrealistic all together.


IT Solution - Ready Steady Go

Project Type: Ab Initio Software Development
Client: Undisclosed Fortune 500 international company
Release Date: July 15, 2013
Keywords: AbInitio software, IT system analysis, IT solution, implementation of enterprise data integration

Acrisel's use of a small, but highly experienced group of architects and analysts to implement solutions, which saves money to our client. The Ab Initio computing environment has a built-in functionality that allows faster development time of large systems with much smaller teams.