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"Following my experience of developing in a wide range of programming languages and paradigms, the most successful projects are those where the solution bridges between the business language and the technical deployment. In the longer term, it eases maintenance and support."  Arnon Sela, ACRISEL Architect & Ab Initio Expert in Dallas, Texas USA.

What Our Clients Say

“The solution just works and does its jobs without [human] intervention."
“Acrisel’s dedication and help got us further than we thought we would, faster than we could."
“You complement us with well rounded operational outlook.” 
"You saved us a lot by solving our complex business problem quickly where no one else was able to."
"Thank you so much for the long hours, hard work and above all a great partnership working on what seemed like an impossible project."
"Big thank you to Acrisel for making the solution possible. What would we do without you!"